BOOK to MOVIE Adaptation

Book to movie adaptations are a great source of content for writers and producers. When done well, story lovers can experience their favorite characters on the big screen in new and exciting ways. Great book adaptations revive age-old tales begging to be remembered.

Meet Lucia Mann

Journalist and novelist Lucia Mann is an inspirational writer and social activist. Her books and writings are recognized internationally, and she is well known as one of the leading advocates for the abolition of human trafficking and slavery.

After retiring from journalism, Lucia moved to rural in British Columbia, Canada, where she has been writing prolifically giving voice to those who have suffered, and still suffer, the brutalities of war and social injustice. Her books and writings are relevant and often shocking, but they shine an important light on the ongoing worldwide struggles.


Free Man from a Black Stream tells the story of a black man’s unlikely rise from impoverished conditions in British Guyana to going to an elite medical school and standing up for minority rights on his way to becoming a world-renowned chemist in the pharmaceutical industry. 

It is the first in a series of three scripts in a series, described in more detail in the series’ Show Bible.

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