Whether you’re a professional writer, a part-time freelancer or a self-starting student, here’s your chance to enter the premier self-published competition exclusively for self-published books. Writer’s Digest hosts the 28th annual self-published competition—the Annual Self-Published Book Awards. This self-published competition spotlights today’s self-published works and honors self-published authors.

The Memoir Prize awards Memoir and Creative Nonfiction book-length works of exceptional merit in the categories of traditional, self-published, and previously unpublished prose.
Categories: traditionally published, self-published works, and unpublished manuscripts On any subject matter.

You've done the work, now it's time to get the reward.

Authors of all kinds—indie (self-published), traditional, or collaborative published—may be considered for this prestigious award. The top ten finalists in each category are invited to present their book synopsis at the Author Academy Awards Red Carpet Sessions.

Our current award categories include:

Advice ⋆ Business and Investing ⋆ Children’s and Middle Grade ⋆ Fantasy ⋆ General Fiction ⋆ General Nonfiction ⋆ Health ⋆ Historical Fiction ⋆ Memoir ⋆ Mystery ⋆ Religious Nonfiction ⋆ Clean Romance ⋆ Science Fiction ⋆ Self-Help ⋆ Thriller ⋆ Young Adult