Who is Clever Publication?

It all started with a simple dream – that one day, authors and aspiring writers would find a publisher where they could truly experience genuine service like no other. A place where each author would get help and assistance from every aspect of the book, tailor-fit for the author’s needs, customized in consonance with his very goals, whether just to leave a lasting legacy or to yearn in becoming the next bestseller. Definitely, a place where the author’s investment is carefully put in services that the author essentially needs.

With our decade of experience in the publishing and literary industry, Clever Publication team has vividly seen the mistakes that other publishers have done, yet highly admire their no-nonsense approach for their authors as well. It paved the way for the author’s huge success and have generated book sales in levels that they never thought possible.

Clever Publication team solidly commits to provide the very outstanding services that authors need from a publisher and to positively rectify the errors done by other publishers. It will be a paradigm-shift in the publishing arena. This will be our primordial goal and it will always guide us in everything that we do, always mindful that with Clever Publication, Author is always first.

Clever Publication firmly believes in very the importance of a well-rounded approach, from publication all the way to a pivotal and results-driven marketing strategy. Over the years, our straightforward and personalized manner in providing an in-depth research and reader’s market analysis have equipped us in a wealth of knowledge and relevant expertise greatly useful for our authors, opening a gateway of boundless possibilities. At the end of the day, a happy and contented author is our greatest treasure.